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Choose self-care over self-doubt, healing over suffering, being free over being weighed down, letting go over holding on, relaxation over stress, and positive thoughts over self-limiting beliefs. In other words, choose possibilities over limitations. Get unconditioned, non-judgmental, empathetic listening, clarity of thoughts, and boost your self-belief. All this while retaining your location flexibility and confidentiality.

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Counseling is confidential

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Virtual Counseling

We have been providing counseling support to individuals since 2007. Experience shows us that counseling has been beneficial in certain life situations. Some of these scenarios are listed below.

  • “I am not good enough” or other limiting thoughts leading to self-doubt, low confidence, or poor self-esteem
  • Situations that drain your energy, make you feel low, anxious, depressed or emotionally burdened
  • Overthinking and being anxious or stressed most of the time
  • Worry about life changes such as marriage, entering parenthood, or moving to a new place
  • Dealing with grief over the loss of a loved one, job, relationship, pet, or assets
  • Dealing with trauma from abuse, violence, calamity or accident
  • Caring for special needs children (autism, conduct, attention deficit disorder, etc.)
  • Feeling overwhelmed when caring for physically unwell, aging, psychologically challenged, differently-abled, or terminally-ill loved ones
  • Recovering from an ailment under medical or psychiatric supervision
  • Any other issue that impacts your well-being

If your area of requirement is not listed, just send us a query via email and we will respond at the earliest possible whether and how we can assist.

We support audiences (age 18 and above) such as those listed below. If you have questions, just write to us.

  • Individuals age 18 and above
  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) by educational institutions, corporate, and organizations
  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) by Small and medium enterprises, or healthcare organizations

Personal choices can have long-term impacts on all facets of our life and overall well-being. Coping with difficulties can be easier with someone who provides unconditional, non-judgmental support with empathetic listening. We help you transform your self-limiting beliefs, doubts, worries, or anxieties, into empowering dialogues, positive approach , and clarity of thoughts.

Send us an email request to set up a video/ audio call via Skype mentioning your challenges and three preferred time-slots. We will block a start date for you and email the details of our discussion along with a link to agree to our terms of service and to make a payment.

Please note that keeping professional routines in mind, these sessions can be scheduled any day of the week between 10 am to 7 pm (IST).

In the process of counseling, you will get an objective and confidential space to talk about your worries and anxieties and get a chance to develop a positive outlook.

The total number of counseling sessions required will depend on the type of difficulty or problem you are facing. Some people prefer to work with a flexible format, whereas others prefer to work with a fixed number of sessions. In all cases, every five sessions the counselor and client will review the progress together. This helps to assess whether the client’s needs are being met, to carry out necessary adjustments (if required), and/or to establish new goals for the process.

Sessions are held virtually via audio or video calls on Skype only. Irrespective of the number of sessions, the standard frequency of counseling is one 50 minutes session per week on a mutually agreed schedule.

Payment Terms and Payment Modes: We take a 100% advance payment to block our calendar and to confirm the booking. We accept payments via Credit, Debit Cards, and, for clients in India, even a direct bank transfer.

Schedule Changes: We are flexible. Should you need to reschedule the session date/time, just let us know at least 24 hours in advance and we can work out a mutually agreeable time.

Late Sign-ins and No-Shows: If the client is late for a counseling session, the session will still end at the scheduled time. Also, to cover for an opportunity-loss, the counselor reserves the right to bill the client for a no-show.

Terminations: You can terminate the counseling relationship at any time and the advance payment (when made for multiple sessions) will be refunded after deducting administrative charges equal to one full session of 50 minutes.

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