Hike Barefoot in Chabhimura, Gomati District in Tripura. Read more on Unakriti. #northeastindia #northeast_india #backpackingseries #trek #chabimura #gomati #tripura #barefoot #hiking #caves

How to go hiking in Chabimura in Tripura, northeast India?

Looking for hikes and treks in NE India? Add Chabimura to your list.
– Chabimura is located in a quiet and heavily forested Gomati River belt in northeastern corner of Tripura
– To get to Chabimura, you can book yourself a guesthouse at Amarpur or in Gomati itself and rent a motorboat for an easy cruise on the river.
– Start your day early and plan for 4-6 hours of activity which includes cruising on the river Gomati enjoying the relics, climb us to the rock carvings of Goddess to light candles, go barefoot hiking to the caves.
Read more in the book on northeast India – Backpacking North East India: A Curious Journey.

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