Backpacking Series is now Unakriti

Announcement Date: October 07, 2019

First of all, a big thank you for being with us on this path of blogging and writing. Last ten months, we have been busy rebranding our site. Backpacking Series is now Unakriti. Its all work in progress and this is just a breather to say hello, extend inaugural discounts, invite you to swing by, and seek some inspiration!

Why the change?

We had planned for multiple niche-specific projects, in addition to Backpacking Series. However, travel publishing kept us away from everything else. This led us to consider consolidation and create a single portal for all our offerings. Hence, Unakriti.

So, what’s new?

In the past two decades, we have worked in various roles in an array of organizations – small businesses, private corporations, governance and diplomacy, and non-profit. We are now blending some of the professional skills accrued to help our clients meet their personal and/or business goals. You’ll now see the following sections on the site.

  • Well-being and Mindfulness: Book virtual sessions for coaching, counseling, and oracle reading to get on the path of transformation
  • Expression and Outreach: Get a robust and beautiful website, hire an English language editor, and get professional branding for your online presence
  • Bootcamps and Workshops: Skills useful in the real-world take time to build. We now offer immersion bootcamps and workshops to help clients jumpstart
  • Slow Travel. Long Reads: Travel continues to be a big part of who we are and what we do. Our travelogue on northeast India, travel blogs, and travel interviews have a new home and we will continue to grow it.

Additionally, we are developing helpful resources on the topics of blogging and wellbeing. The rebranding exercise resulted in a new logo and a tagline, a new look for our website, new navigation menus, privacy policy, etc. We are eager to introduce our services (inaugural discounts apply 🙂 ) but will resist the temptation to write all at once. Meanwhile, we invite you to swing by our new site.

What do you think?

Your feedback is mission-critical. Course-corrections keep us on the right track. If, while browsing our site, you have this ‘there’s-something-wrong-on-the-Internet’ moment, please write to us. Also, if you like what you see, help us spread the word 🙂

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