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How to plan for Gaumukh Glacier Trek?

Want to plan a hike to Gomukh Glacier in Gangotri?
– Get to Gangotri town and acclimatize there for a day or two. Make stay arrangements. You could choose government run guest houses or available homestays or hotels.
– To venture on Gomukh trek, you need to secure permission from District forest officer (D.F.O.) at Uttarkashi. National park permits to Bhojwasa are allotted usually for a maximum of two nights.
– Make stay arrangements at Bhojwasa Base Camp.
– Typically, you can do the hike from Gangotri to Base Camp on Day one and start early. Stay at the camp and start the hike to gangotri glacier on Day 2 and come back to base camp. Start for Gangotri Town on day 3 and reach before the sun down.
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