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What is the significance of Meghalaya’s Maidens’ Festival, northeast India?

The Shad Suk Mynsiem or Maiden Festival of Meghalaya in NE India,
– Is the festival of maidens, symbolizing fertility.
– Celebrates the rejuvenation of nature and marks the harvest season
– The festival’s Khasi name is varyingly translated as Dance of Peaceful Hearts, Dance of Happy Hearts, or The Thanksgiving Dance.
– The epicentre of this cultural event is Shillong, the captial of northeastern state of Meghalaya, the troupe travels and performs through the Khasi towns and villages including Nongrim in Sohra.
– This annual, and almost month-long festival, held in spring season invariably ends on a Sunday.
– The entire community comes together to preserve the cultural heritage of Seng Khasi tribe.
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