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What are the places of historical significance in northeast India?

Interested in history of NE India? As a traveler, you must tick-off a few historical sites of India’s northeast
– NorthEast India is rich with many historical stories and related sites. These range from indigenous to contemporary history.
– As a traveller to northeast India interested in historical sites, you are spoiilt for choices. Be it Tripura’s Ujjayanta Palace, Ao indigenous history or World War 2 legacy in Nagaland, the Mughal slayer Lachit Borphakun of Ahom Dynasty in Assam, the history of Indian National Army, Kangla Fort, or the legend of Yubaraj Bir Tikendrajit and General Thangal at Shahid Minar in Manipur.
– Take time to see these places at your own pace to cover the historical circuits in each of these 8 states of India’s northeast.
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