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What are the things to do in Ziro, northeast Inda?

Want to know about things to do in Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh of the NE India?
– Pisciculture – It is a unique fish-cum-paddy farming style, one of the most advanced cultivation practices in this northeastern region. In pisciculture, fish and rice are farmed together. As a traveler, you can witness this during the paddy season and get to participate in it too.
– Biking – You can rent bicycles to explore Ziro Valley at your own pace, pedal across the agri fields, and capture some breathtaking views.
– Heritage-walk – Ziro is ideal for exploring on foot. You get a chance to go to villages, connect with indigenous communities, and try some Apatani food and drinks.
– Witness a music festival – Plan your journey to Ziro during the last week of September and witness the popular ZFM.
– Camping – Ziro is ideal for backpackers to enjoy camping, food, and music. Visitors can enjoy retiring in the middle of lush green landscapes.
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