How sunset and sunrise timings affect lifestyle and travel in Northeast India. Read more on Unakriti. #unakriti #tapyouravatars #neindia #magnificentnortheast #northeastindia #daylightsaving #northeast_india #sunset #sunrise #traveltips #northeastindiatravelplanninghack

Why and how to share daylight with northeast India?

Wondering how life is the farthest corners of NorthEast India?
– The unique timezone creates a peculiar lifestyle routine for the residents of India’s northeast such as lunch at 10 am and sunset at 5 pm.
– Many people have highlighted the issue of shorter days (reduced productivity) and a lot of research has been done about the potential solutions.
– One good idea (without impacting other parts of the country) is to advance the Indian Standard Time (IST) by 30 minutes.
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