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Why should you visit Nagaland?

Here is why you must visit NorthEastern state of Nagaland.
– Cultural Heritage: Nagaland is rich with indigenous heritage and culture and if you like to go for culture trips, then add Nagaland on your list.
– Festivals: Each of 16 Naga tribes have at least one tribal festival and then there is the Hornbill Festival which is commonly referred as Festival of Festivals. Just to add, there is also a Manga-art inspired Costume Festival too.
– Food: Nagaland has unique food delicacies which are flavored differently by different communities and Naga King Chilli adds on to the spiciness, if you like.
– Adventure: Places such as Dzukou valley, Dzulekie spot, Pulie Badze National Park, Mt. Japfu are accessible and great for adventure seekers and hikers.
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