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What are some must try food and drinks in northeast India?

Are you a food lover? Then you must visit the gluttony streets of NE India
– If you are a meat lover, you must try pork delicacies of Meghalaya, smoked pork of Nagaland or Mizoram, Fish & Chicken delicacies in Manipur and Assam, and meaty soups in Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh.
– For vegetarians, there are a lot of thali options across the regions, some amazing street food options in Assam and Tripura, vegetarian soups and momos in Skkim and Arunachal.
– For drinks, you have both alcoholis, non-alcohotic drinks and hot and cold drinks. Lal Chai (black tea), Aphung (rice beer), Tongba (millet-brew) are some must tries!
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