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What are the must-see traditional markets in Jaipur?

Jewelry: Johari Bazaar is an entire market dedicated to jewellers. Look out for moti moongri (pearl hill) in eastern silhouette, chandi ki takshal (silver mint) and manak chowk (ruby square)
Ornaments: Kishan Pol Bazaar is one of the largest center of making ornaments. Browse for works like meenakari, kundan, and lac (maniharon ka rasta)
Textiles: Walk through Badi Chaupar, Bapu Bazar and Johari bazar for block printing or the popular tie and dye bandhani designs on cotton, silk, or chiffon and a range of ghaghara, choli, or odhni with zari for the royal look
Leather footwear: In Ramganj Bazar, shop for fascinating jootis – these are not crafted here but procured from west Rajasthan
Quilts: In the Sireh Deori Bazar opposite to Hawa Mahal, you’d find vendors selling the famous Jaipuri rajais, the finest quilts
Carpets: Outlets around Shubhas Nagar and Zorawar Singh gate on Amber road offer these
Marble carvings: Kishan Pol Bazaar also hosts marble quarried from Makrana, near Jaipur, that was significantly used by Mughals to build their monuments