Blogging Resources

Everything you experience on this website has been crafted after hours of messing around. There’s a certain rhythm to doing-it-yourself (DIYing) – create, breakdown, fix, optimize, realize it’s not a smart design, yet make it live because we just had to. . . get the idea, right? DIYing is not without pitfalls but with a fair share of experience of how not to do things. If you want to save time, money, and effort in your writing journey, keep these ultimate blogging resources handy.

Why separate email boxes from your web host?

Mailboxes for Domains

If you are running anything other than a hobby website, do not use a gmail, hotmail, or yahoo account. Read on to know how to get secure, reliable, and even free email boxes for domains.

Are there affordable newsletter options?

Budget Newsletters for Bloggers

Sending blog posts, newsletters, and notifications should not cost an arm and a leg. Here’s a comparison of popular email service providers and our recommendation for budget newsletters for bloggers.