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How to get to Majuli Island in Assam, northeast India and what is the boat ride on Brahmaputra river like?

Want to know how to reach Majuli Island and how is the boat ride like on Brahmaputra like in NE India?
– You need to get to Nemati ghat in Jorhat, northeastern state of Assam to catch your ferry. It is a busy service with daily commuters who bring along their cars and bikes onboard.
– You can get to Nehmati Ghat in various ways. By Train: The nearest train station is at Jorhat, from where you can get an auto rikshaw; By Bus: Find direct buses from Guwahati to Jorhat. ; By Air: Nearest Airport is Guwahati from where you can take a cab or bus to Jorhat.
– Ferry is a must: From Jorhat, there’s just one way to get to the island – a public ferry.
– Ferry ride is about 60-90 minutes and will offer beautiful views of Brahmaputra River, scattered islands, and fishing culture.
– The ferry can get crowded, so make sure to find a good spot to catch the views and capture on your camera.
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