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What are some travel hacks for Ziro Music Festival?

If you are headed to Ziro Music Festival, know these travel planning hacks.
– Follow usual safety practices which you generally would – don’t venture out alone after dark etc.
– As a first-timer to Ziro, you could chose a guided tour ex-Guwahati.
– Get your travel permits to Arunachal Pradesh.
– Cellular network connectivity can be restrictive.
– Pack a raincoat and gumboots. It usually rains during the festival.
– Carry enough cash. Number of ATMs can be limited.
– If you want to experience the local lifestyle, go for a homestay.
– Try Arunachali delicacies such as pork curry or chicken cooked in lots of chilli with rice, and aphung, the local rice beer!
– Respect local culture and traditions.

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