Arunachal Pradesh Ziro Festival of Music. Read more about Northeast India on Unakriti. #northeastindia #arunachal #zfm #backpackingseries #zirofestivalofmusic

What is Ziro Music Festival?

Want to know about the Ziro Festival of Music in India’s Northeast?
– ZFM was started in 2012 to provide a stage for indie music artists.
– ZFM brings together music acts and aficionados from all over the world
– ZFM is popular as ‘Woodstock of the East’
– ZFM, a 4 days music fest is held in the last week of September every year in Ziro Valley of NorthEastern state of Arunachal Pradesh.
– You could plan your own trip or take one of the tour packages to attend this Music Festival.

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